About Us

Kyoko Games is an independent studio based in Barcelona. We are a passionate group of students that tries to create new experiences and provide something fresh and new to the industry. We try to give players a frenetic and defiant experience, as seen in our previous game SoundStorm VR, and now in our brand new game in development, Kyra.

Meet Our Team!

David Jiménez

3D Artist & Level Designer

David Sola

Programmer & Game Designer

Albert Vegara

Programmer & Producer

Alex Michalec

Programmer & VFX Artist

Angela Conus

Lead Artist

Project Kyra

Jump into the mysterious world of Kyra, a magic-based Action RPG. Unravel the secrets of a land filled with dungeons and blast away the myriads of enemies, including terrifying bosses, with a wide variety of powerful magical spells.

About Project Kyra

FIGHT AGAINST TERRIFYING BOSSES ON BEAUTIFUL LOW POLY SCENARIOS. Explore a beautifully devastated world, where magic has gone out of control, corrupting everything that tried to get in its way. Your job is to defeat the evil that magic has unleashed on the world and bring back peace to the reign.

    IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS IN ORDER TO PROGRESS FASTER. Your skills evolve through the game with the experience you gain from enemies. Use that experience to upgrade your skills and get more useful and spectacular abilities and synergies.

      FULLY MAGIC BASED COMBAT. Magic is the central point of our game, everything revolves around it. Kyra’s magic system is fully based on spell combos and ability synergies. Combining the effects of 2 abilities can cause a ton more damage than the abilities would separately. This is the main focus of Kyra, creating spectacular combos through the clever use of magic.

        CHOOSE YOUR PLAYSTYLE. Magic is the key, but you choose how to use it. Unlock spells in the order you prefer. Choose your playstyle (aggressive, conservative, etc) and unleash the power of Kyra in this new and amazing action-adventure game.

          Soundstorm VR

          SOUNDSTORM is our brand new VR Rhythm Shooter Game! You can choose from a wide variety of songs to play and you’ll be able to try our amazing scenarios to play!

          About the Game

          Presented in ENTI-UB open days as one of the best projects in ENTI-UB 3rd year

          Best Student Game nominee at GameLab BCN 2019.